Festival-goers will notice expansive and exciting changes to the motor elements of Leyland Festival on Thursday 2nd June, with the revamped Worden Motor Village playing host to a hugely expanded range of rare, exciting and unusual vehicles.

Sponsored by Fox Group, Worden Motor Village will feature a wealth of different zones that span out from a central island hub, making Worden Park easier to navigate and more engaging for lovers of all different types of motor vehicles.

Enthusiasts of all ages will discover vehicles grouped by theme as they explore a series of villages. From the American zone to all things eco, commercial vehicles to off-roaders, supercars to modified motors, each area will have its own theme and an array of motors within it. The British Commercial Vehicle Museum will also supply a beautiful array of vintage vehicles.

Worden Motor Village will also host a range of quality food and drinks traders, with fine wines, pale ales, premium cocktails, and irresistible plates, turning the area into a sociable spot that shouldn’t be missed.

Tim Dryburgh of Worden Motor Village, and director of Leyland Car Care, said: “We’re immensely proud of our motoring heritage and we’re working to reflect the scale of Leyland’s contribution to the motor industry at the festival. Every year the motor element of the festival grows, and this year we’re confident that festival-goers will notice big changes in 2022, and we’re thrilled to have the support of Fox Group.

“We take our responsibility in representing our motoring past and future very seriously. This is something for everyone in the town to be proud of as well as being a real draw for car enthusiasts from far and wide.

“This year, you’ll find supercars and souped-up scooters, eco-vehicles and off-roaders, vintage fire engines and state of the art construction vehicles, caravans and Cadillacs. We’re welcoming more motors than ever before, on a better-serviced site than we’ve ever had in the past. Worden Motor Village is going to be a place to gather for families, fanatics, anyone and everyone curious about cars and motors.”

Lee Hardy, director at Fox Group, said: “We are extremely proud to be supporting the Leyland Festival this year, particularly after the event being cancelled in both 2020 and 2021. The event has deep rooted history locally and as a major local employer, we feel strongly about supporting our wider community. We will be at the event enjoying the environment and helping Leyland bounce back.”

The motor parade also promises a huge thrill in 2022, as selected spectacular vehicles trail through the town to their end destination in Worden Motor Village. The convoy of supercars, caravans and everything in between will be a celebration of the magic of motoring.