Create Your Own Cats Inspired Musical Mask

Be a cat for the day! Print your own cat mask and decorate. Cut and personalise your mask with your favourite colours or make it extra special with some glitter or coloured paper.

Click here for your free download of the cats festival mask and then follow the instructions

Free Cats Mask to Print
Cats inspired festival mask

What you will need:

  1. Printed Mask
  2. Glue
  3. String or elastic cord
  4. Decorating crafts
  5. Scissors

Mask Instructions:

Step 1 – Cut out your mask

Step 2 – Decorate

Step 3 – Place 2 Holes in each side to secure your string or elastic  cord

Step 3 – Tie your string or elastic cord to each side

Step 4 – Try on your mask!

When your Leyland Festival Cats inspired Musical mask is finished, we would love to see it.

Why not send us a photo on social media, just @leylandfestival  on Facebook, @LeylandFest2019 for twitter, or on Instagram @leylandfestival and we will share it on our social media channels to inspire other young artists!

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