Childrens Activity Page Leyland Festival 2019


Welcome to our creative Children’s Activity Page for Leyland Festival.

This year’s Leyland Festival is fast approaching, and we are keen for schools in our local community to get involved. Firstly, we are inviting all schools in South Ribble and surrounding areas to take part in the Festival on the day either by entering a float, walking with the parade or having a stall in Worden Park.

If you would like to know more about these options, please get in touch by emailing and we will be happy to answer your questions and reserve your space in the festival parade and/or on Worden Park.

Below are suggestions of some activities where children, schools and families can get involved and support the Leyland Festival:

Explore our free school activities

We have created this fun festival education pack to inspire local schools and nurseries to get involved in Leyland Festival. It is full of ideas and resources to get children engaged and excited about this important local event.

Leyland Festival has a rich history. We believe it is important for children to learn about the local communities they grow up in and that learning about Leyland Festival would be both interesting and important for local children

Covering Letter for Schools
Leyland Festival Fact Sheet
Top Ten Ways to Get Involved
Create a Leyland Festival Flag
Design a Leyland Festival Poster
Persuasive Writing Activity
Leyland Festival 2019 Wordsearch

Free Festival Craft Activities

Design Your Own Leyland Festival Mascot

Leyland Festival is a fun packed day for all, why not design your own Festival Mascot! It can be based on your favourite super hero, your favourite animal or completely made up with secret powers!

Make a Musicals Mascot

Make Puppets

As this year’s theme is musicals, why not create your own musical puppets from your favourite musical. Easy to make and super fun to decorate, you can even make a theatre for your puppets to perform in! From Mary Poppins, Beauty & Beast, Shrek and more. You can create your very own characters and perform your favourite musical.

Make A Musicals Puppet

Solve the Lions Maze

As this year’s Leyland Festival theme is musicals, can you solve the Lion King inspired Maze and help the lion to find his crown? When you have discovered the secret route, why not colour in the characters?

Solve the Musicals Maze

Paint or Draw One of Our Musical Acts

The stage is the focus of this activity, following on from the Musicals theme. Can you create a portrait of one of our musical performers for the Leyland Festival 2019?

We have created an image of our very own Leyland lad Kevin Simm to inspire you. Use any media, collage, paint, crayon, paint or graphic art. Once your portrait is complete we would love for you to share it with us so that we can display it on our social media and celebrate your amazing talents!

Visit the Music at Leyland Festival page to see who is appearing this year -we have a great line up.

Create a Festival Portrait

Colour Creatively

whether copying from the example colouring or designing your own get out the crayons, pencils, paints or felt tips and add a splash of colour!

Use your imagination to colour and decorate, why not listen to music from the show while you complete your masterpiece, and have some musically inspired fun.

Dreamcoat Colouring
Rose Colouring
Guitar Colouring
Puppet Colouring

Decorating Masks

Why not get creative and decorate your favourite musical masks, you can be a lion from the Lion King, the mermaid from The Little Mermaid or a cat from the famous musical Cats!

Let your creative side out by colouring in, painting and sticking and add some glitter or feathers to make it fancy. There are many ways to decorate your masks ready for the Leyland Festival.

A Cats Musical Inspired Mask
Little Mermaid Inspired Mask
Singing In The Rain Inspired Mask
Your Lion King Inspired Mask

Decorate King/Queen Crowns

Every festival king and queen need’s a crown so why not decorate your own and be our very own Leyland Festival king or queen! Make sure you wear it on the day and show off your creative skills!

Create Your Own Festival Crown